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GABLS LES Intercomparison

Welcome to the GABLS stable boundary layer LES intercomparison homepage.

An intercomparison of the large eddy simulation (LES) of the stable boundary layer was conducted as part of the GABLS (GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study) initiative. The intercomparison adopts the idealised arctic stable boundary layer case described by Kosovic and Curry (JAS 2000, Vol 57, 1052-1068), with the aim of assessing the reliability of LES of the moderately stable boundary layer. Simulations were performed by eleven different centres at grid lengths ranging from 12.5m to 1m. The results are discussed in the paper Beare et al. Single Column Model (SCM) simulations of the same case were performed by both operational and research centres as a parallel intercomparison. Details can be found at

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Image of the 0.2 m/s vertical velocity iso-surface for an LES of the stable boundary layer

This intercomparison is coordinated by the Met Office. For more information contact Bob Beare. For more information about the GABLS project, contact Bert Holtslag.